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Apr 11, 2010

Budget List

Mar 29, 2010

This Week 10

Doing artist statements, find it hard to write and have been searching for examples to guide me.

Scripting part, still on progress . . . . .

Mar 11, 2010


I am now testing the output of the video, on:
How is the lightning, does it look too dark?
How is the composition setting, do the talents sit too near?
Does the color suit the background environment?
There are many question to be asked and answer, I just listed a few. Somehow I am trying to make the content look like a real world of television addiction people.

This video look simple but had been edited for more than 10 hours. Had tried to put a living room's image as background but it look too distracting so I decided to put a brick background to make the audience focus on the talent/person.

Now I am far from the original schedule.

Mar 4, 2010

The Making

Feb 24, 2010

Convert Mini Tape DV

Finally my recording mini tape successful converts into my computer. My computer didn’t have fire wire hole and found out only one of my house mates have it (she bought a new cpu). I searched a lots of tutorial on how to capture video, the links were very useful but there is no manual guide for the handy cam’s setting.

How to transfer video from handy camcorder to pc using a fire wire cable:

Feb 23, 2010

What Sound Looks Like

I found this video interesting, just want to share and hope it can help in Ming Jie's installation.


I had difficulty to convert VFS tape into computer. My friend Yoong Pang helped me to capture the video using adobe premier for 1 hour yet he unsuccessful convert it. The adobe premier setting were all correct but the problem is from the handy camera that i borrowed from school. Later need to ask others FA students for help.

Feb 21, 2010

Week 5 Touch Up - critic 1

Things to do after critic 1:
1. Storyboard
2. Measurements/ space planning
3. Content Development/ digital content

Additional things
1. Budget planning
2. The Making

Floor Plan

LAtest flOOr plAn


STory BoArd DrAf

flooR plAn DrAf

Technical Diagram

Flow Chart

I used Smart Draw 2010 to create this flow chart. It was as easy as pie for the first time user. Click and drag will do. I have spend almost 2 hours for looking its keygen and crack, but a lots of them needed to pay or the file broken during the download period. Until now, still waiting for the crack and have to wait 1 hour to finish downloading. So I decided to print screen, it’s a bit blur ~ ~ ~

Feb 17, 2010

Cool Evolution

Feb 8, 2010

Critic 1 (2010)

1. Flow Chart
2. Diagram
3. Space Planning
4. Digital Content/ Story Board
5. Technical Details

To Do List (Week 4)

1. Borrow handy cam from FCM one stop center (9/2/2010)
2. Borrow lightning equipments (9/2/2010)
3. Borrow sofa from school for shooting (10-11/2/2010)
4. Borrow second handy cam from friend (12/2/2010)
5. Book green screen room (9/2/2010)
6. Buy S-video cable (9/2/2010)
7. Buy wireless mouse (9/2/2010)
8. Buy external usb cable (9/2/2010)
9. Buy empty cds and dvds (9/2/2010)
10. Collect unwanted hair from salon (9/2/2010)
11. Buy plastic cd cover (9/2/2010)
12. Check tape recording price (9/2/2010)
13. Buy makeup equipments (9/2/2010)

Today morning going to Low Yat and Times Square to buy basic installation equipments. Will on the way to watch Avatar 3D as well. I am going to estimate my installation budget.

February 08, 2010 – Consulted diagram and both lecturers had giving opinion which had open up my mind. Observe other classmates’ installation problems, during consultation period. Success collect Mr.Kok Yong signature to borrow handy camera from school. (2.10 am)

Jan 30, 2010

Connect PC to TV

Dec 22, 2009


Dec 16, 2009

TVdict Poster

Installation Title

The real title of this installation is Exploration Television Addiction on Media Elements. So the shortcut will be “EXTVADDON MEDIA” installation.

If you don’t know how to pronounce it, you can copy paste the text to this link, select “engligh” language, click “SAY” button and they will read for you.

If you select Chinese language, they will sound really funny.

Dec 15, 2009

Installation Floor Plan

Upper View

Side View

I dint have scanner so I decide to do my installation draft with Photoshop.

Mind Map

Draft Ideas

I have a habit on listing down my ideas on a recycle paper (behind grocery receipt) and throw it away.

Roughs Mind Map

Complete Mind Map

Thank to Han Wei for scanning my mind maps.

Dec 14, 2009

Content Developments

The concept on my installation is simple. In the Introduction or beginning of my installation, I was planning to show a video clip on TV screen. In the video, it will show the audience how a TV addicted individual looks likes.

Why the video clip is important in the installations? It is to show to the audience on how to identify an individual who is addicted to TV and show how they behave. In my installation there will be a set of TV, sofa, remote control and a photo frame.

Here its goes, whenever a user sits in on the sofa, the television will took 5 seconds to be broken (technical distortion with sound and some graphic elements).

After 10 seconds passed by, automatically a picture will be taken and the user image whoever sit on the sofa will appear on the hanging photo frame. Why the picture is needed? It is because, still images is just like a story boards that represent a moving still images that’s its inside the TV. With the images they can eventually tell the audience or user about a story of how, where and when a TV addiction begin.

How the users interact with the installation? There will be a remove control placed in front of the sofa, whenever the user touched the remote control, immediately the TV screen will change to a numbers of flying text which carries the message of what people though of TV addiction.

Software Usage:

1. Zone Trigger
2. Flash 2.0/3.0
3. Resolume
4. Photoshop
5. Others

Quotes by Famous People

"The media can wreak great harm on the family when it offers an inadequate or even distorted vision of life, of the family itself and of religion and morality."
- Pope John Paul II, May 2004 -

"You watch television to turn your brain off and you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on."
- Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer and Pixar, in Macworld Magazine, February 2004 -

"They put an off button on the TV for a reason. Turn it off . . . I really don't watch much TV."
- President George W. Bush, C-SPAN interview, January 2005 -

Big mistake

I finally found out that some of my articles I didn’t label it. No wonder there is missing articles.

Dec 13, 2009

Super Busy Week

This week to do-list:

1. SRI Chapter 3 submissions (Monday)
2. DM poster design (require half day)
3. DM 30 second video (require 2 days to complete)
4. DM Presentation (Thursday)
5. Exam (Thursday) require 1 week preparations
6. Update DM blog
7. Prepare SRI survey questions

Faster finish all to do-list, i want watch televisions.

Why people watch TV?

After searching through hundreds of web and reading through articles for days, I finally found some interesting articles by expert to support my though.

According to Donna Michelle with reference to a research of James Lull, people do sometimes prefer audio as background music that it is a good creator of atmosphere. “By rendering a constant and predictable assortment of sounds and pictures which instantly creates a busy atmosphere” said Lull. People who feel lonely may find that sound background may fill up their loneliness.

Television can be used to entertain guests in the house when there is no alternative as well become their conversation topic. Certain viewers feeling guilty when expose to television because viewers find that watching tv is easily available if compare going to cinema.

In the Donna Michelle's article, television is also a form of escapism form our real-life situations and to approach relaxation. This may help certain individual to release frustrations and emotions. “Filling in time” said McQuail.

For more details:

Influence of Television

An article by Norman Herr a professor of science education had stated some viewer dependency symptoms:

1. An indiscriminate in viewing
2. Out of control when viewing
3. Angry with oneself and feeling miserable for watching too much
4. Sedative to TV

Article Link

Human Emotions toward TV

Children are more likely to obese when they are exposing to TV for more than 4 hours per day indicate from a study in Journal of the American Medical Association. TV violence may lead to increasing children and teen’s aggression and they may become less awareness on suffering of others.

Articles Link

Dec 10, 2009

Talk to The Wall

This is a special category or label of my blog which I can express my currents situation or problems I face. Feel free to drop comments.

1.I need more time for my content development to read up the entire long long research articles to make conclusion. Its feel like reading a tick book in one day.

2. I need a scanner to scan my mind maps and upload it. Yeah ....I am shy to ask my housemates.

3. I need to complete my 30 sec video artist impression and hope will complete it by this weekend.

Concept Design Approach

Ckeckered Concept

I choose checkered as the concept design because of the comfortable texture to set distinctive mood. Moreover the patterns look more inviting and more power. The patterns possess a desire that something truly unique at the forefront of every individual. I found checkered concept is attributes to my installation. In the history of television, color bars were used as test pattern for most video. The color bars have repeated pattern so I link it with checkered patterns.

I got this idea through observation on my classmates who he always wears cloth with checkered patterns and a fake hair. (Khairul Johari)without him I wouldn’t know what’s the meaning of checkered.

Dec 9, 2009

Gantt Chart



Special thank to Norman who shared this software Tom’s Planner on preparing Gantt chart. I found out this software was easily to create and it has friendly navigation for new user. For the individual who did not have experience in using excel (just like me), I would encourage them using this software, it only took 3 minutes to complete the tutorial. It’s free and no download require.

Dec 7, 2009

Technical Part Research

Keyboard Hacking Tutorial

Part 1

Part 2

Some others tutorial links: